• January 10, 2017
  • 6:00 pm
  • Manitowish Waters Community Center




Subject of the Hearing:


Hearing Date: January 10, 2017

Following the Workshop beginning at 6:00 P.M.



Class 2 Notice required by Wis. Stats. 62.23(7) (d) is hereby given by the Manitowish Waters Planning Commission that there will be a Public Hearing immediately following the Workshop beginning at 6:00 P.M. at the Manitowish Waters Community Center on January 10, 2017.

The purpose of the Public Hearing is to receive public input upon revisions to Manitowish Waters General Zoning Ordinance 2007-1.  The proposed changes are:

4.1 Single Family Residential District 1 add:

(C.) 7. Forest Management

4.2 Multiple Family Residential District 2 add:

(C.) 7. Forest Management

4.3 General Business District 3 add:

(B.) 2. e.  Forest Management

(C.) 2. k.  Forest Management

4.4 Community Business District 4 add:

(C.) 4. Forest Management

4.5 Recreational District 5 add:

(C.) 8. Forest Management

4.6 Light Manufacturing District 6 revisions and additions:

(C.) 1. Airports and Landing Fields

  1.       Forest Management


5.10(A.)  Definitions add:

  1. Clear Cutting: The cutting down or removal of all, or nearly all, trees

on one parcel or a defined area of a parcel.

  1. Forest Management: The removal of trees and shrubbery for purposes of

improving forest esthetics, wildlife habitat, timber stand improvement,

enhancing water quality or recreational opportunities, and/or fire prevention.

May include practices such as timber harvesting, planting and replanting of

native species, and cutting roads or pathways through the forest.  All Forest

Management practices shall be established by a qualified Forester.

  1. Timber Stand Improvement: The Forest Management practice of targeting

for removal dead, diseased, dying, and/or poor quality timber to allow the

remaining trees to fully use the growing space.

5.10(B.)  Permitting Requirements revised:

  1. General. All tree removal and logging requires a Zoning Permit from

the Town Zoning Administrator.

  1.   In areas zoned Forestry or Agriculture, before any tree removal or

logging, the landowner shall submit a plan communicating the location

of the proposed removal or logging to the zoning office.  This plan

shall include the legal description to the nearest ¼ – ¼ Section and

approximate start and finish dates of the logging or removal operation.

  1.   In areas zoned other than Forestry or Agriculture, logging is prohibited.  Tree

removal is allowed as per the provisions of 5.10(C), and also for purposes of

Forest Management as a Conditional Use.

  1. Exceptions.
  2. Public Exceptions. A Zoning Permit is not required when

logging is performed on public lands (State, Federal, County,

and Town); however, there shall be no tree removal or logging

in a 30 foot buffer area extending out from the road right-of-way.

Public utilities are exempt from permitting requirements when tree

cutting within their easement areas.

  1. Managed Lands through Forest Law Programs(s). Although, a

permit is not required, the landowner shall be responsible for

adhering to all Town of Manitowish Waters Ordinances. A plan

must be submitted by the landowner communicating the location

of the proposed logging to the zoning office prior to the start of

any harvesting. This plan shall include the legal description to

the nearest 1/4-1/4, Section and approximate start and finish

dates of the harvesting operation.

  1. The provisions of this Article shall not apply to removal of dead,

diseased or dying trees or shrubbery at the discretion of the landowner.


5.10(C.)  Tree Removal Limitations revised:

  1. General. Tree removal limitations are provided to protect shore land areas as well as to

preserve the scenic beauty of Manitowish Waters, and as long as the permitting requirements

under Section 5.10 B are met.

  1. Select cutting is the minimum standard for tree removal. Tree and vegetation removal exceeding the select cutting standard is considered clear cutting.
  2. Prohibition of clear cutting. Clear cutting shall be prohibited

other than for the following areas and purposes:

(i)  Building Footprint plus 30 feet.   For the placement and

maintenance of a building with a basement, crawl space, or

slab, using the exact dimensions of the exterior walls plus

thirty feet (30’) from each exterior wall.

(ii)   Septic System.   For the installation of a private septic


(iii)  Road.   Twenty foot (20’) wide roadway from a public road

or easement to the principal structure, providing such

roadway does not encroach on any setback.

(iv)  To allow for the creation of a new (non-existing) commercial

parking lot but only in Districts 3, 4, 5, and 6, and then only

as allowed in each such District.

(v)   Clear cutting is allowed in areas zoned Forestry and

Agriculture, but only if a plan is submitted by the landowner,

as required under Section 5.10 B.2.

  1. Shorelands. In addition to the above prohibition on clear

cutting, shorelands are subject to a County Shoreland Alteration

Permit for any cutting exceeding the Vilas County Shoreland Zoning

Ordinance limitations.


Written comments will be accepted until January 10, 2017 to just prior to the public hearing.  You may email comments to: mwzoning@mwtown.org.

If you have special needs or require special accommodations, please call the MW Zoning Dept. at (715)543-2855.

This Public Notice is dated this 16th day of December, 2016.

Manitowish Waters Planning Commission

By:   Vincent Hoehn, Secretary