• September 6, 2016
  • 7:00 pm
  • Manitowish Waters Airport Terminal Building


  1. Reading and approval of the Agenda
  2. Public Comments/Correspondence
  3. Read and approve meeting minutes
  4. Zoning Administrator’s Report, and

(a.)  Discussion and action on any issues arising from any imminent or actual

enforcement of the General Zoning Ordinance.

5. Secretary’s timesheet approval

6. Matter relating to donations to the Town

(a.)  Proposed McCabe Lake Bike Trail sign

7. Comprehensive Plan Update

(a.)  Demographic and Housing data with plan direction implications

(b.)  Review draft maps as prepared by Consultant

(c.)  Finalize format for September 20, 2016 Public Meeting

(d.)  Plan Timeline/Expectations/Schedules

8. Amendments to Manitowish Waters Zoning Ordinance Articles I – XIII

(a.)  Article 5.10 Forest Management and Tree Removal

9.  Any other matters of concern for discussion only

10. Confirm Agendas for the next Regular Meeting and any planned Special Meetings.

11. Adjournment