• April 5, 2016
  • 6:00 pm
  • Manitowish Waters Community Center


April 5, 2016


Manitowish Waters Community Center



A.  Reading and approval of the Agenda

B.  Public Comments/Correspondence

C.  Read and approve meeting minutes

1.  March 1, 2016 Hopkins CUP hearing

2.  March 1, 2016 Schwartz CUP hearing

3.  March 1, 2016 Planning Commission Regular Meeting

D.  Planning Commission discussion and action items:

1.  Zoning Administrator’s Report, and

(a.)  Discussion and action on any issues arising from any imminent or actual

enforcement of the General Zoning Ordinance.

2.  Secretary’s Report, and

(a.)  Secretary’s timesheet approval

(b.)  Invoices received

3.  Matters relating to donations to the Town

(a.)  Proposed bike trail sign along Hwy 51 or alternate location

(b.)  Bike trail Fix-It locations

(c.)  Furniture donation for Rest Lake Park Pavilion

(d.)  Proposals for construction of parking areas for pavilion and boat trailer

parking at Rest Lake Park, and possible relocation of boat ramp.

(e.)  Bike trail relocation project along Hwy W

4.  Amendments to the Manitowish Waters Zoning Ordinance Articles I – XIII

(a.)  Forest management as permitted and conditional uses in all districts

(b.)  Clear cutting/tree cutting for parking lots and other uses

(c.)  Electronic signs

5.  Comprehensive Plan Update

(a.)  Trail systems and trail management

E.  Any other matters of concern for discussion only.

 F.  Confirm Agendas for the next Regular Meeting and any planned Special Meetings.

G.  Adjournment


Posted April 1, 2016 by Vince Hoehn, Secretary

Manitowish Waters Planning Commission



1.       Due to the nature and scope of the work the Plan Commission undertakes, comments from the public shall be limited to the period identified within the Agenda of a meeting or Workshop and then only by recognition and approval of the Plan Commission Chair at the sole discretion of the Plan Commission Chair.

2.       Depending on the number of attendees at any Meeting or Workshop, the Plan Commission Chair reserves the right to move the location of the meeting to a larger facility; i.e. the Manitowish Waters Community Center.

3.       Plan Commission Chair reserves the right to adjust the order of the Agenda of any meeting or Workshop as necessary at any time during such Meeting or Workshop.

4.       Request for items to be included on the Agenda of a meeting or Workshop should be submitted to the Zoning Administrator in writing prior to the opening of any Plan Commission Regular Meeting.  Upon receipt, such request(s) will be reviewed during “Public Comments/Correspondence” of that Regular Plan Commission Meeting.  Resulting discussion and or action will determine whether or not such requests will be made part of a future Meeting or Workshop Agenda.